SEC Reporting

The regulatory environment is constantly changing, making SEC reporting a constant headache for management teams in public companies. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulations limit the extent to which external auditors can assist public registrants to implement and report these complex matters.

Fortunately, you have options available to provide you needed capacity to get this work done. 

Public organizations filing with the SEC can leverage the expertise of SEC reporting experts from CFO’s Domain. These financial executives will come in and develop a tailor-made solution that works for your financial reporting requirements. 

CFO’s Domain provides talent to public issuers and their accounting teams to manage through the preparation of schedules, validation of data, and disclosures to stay in compliance with the SEC and avoid costly penalties.     

We can help you with:

Our professionals are predominantly CPAs with backgrounds from reputable public accounting firms combined with experience working in industry. They have years of technical accounting experience and a firm grasp on complex accounting issues.

Attributes of our SEC Reporting professionals include: 

CFO’s Domain can relieve you of the time consuming stress associated with the mountain of work needed for a special event or regulatory reporting deadline. 

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