M&A/Post Merger Integration

Closing a big deal requires considerable sacrifice, time, and investment, not to mention material fees to lawyers and investment bankers. After signing papers, many companies think the hard work is finished;  the fact is, it is just beginning.To truly derive a return on the investment made, skillfully integrating teams, systems, processes, and strategies are critical to capitalizing on the synergies you invested behind in the first place.

Spending money changing organization stationery and putting up re-designedwelcome signs is good, but investing in an up-to-date integration expert for the merger is where the real return comes from.

CFO’s Domain brings you accounting, finance, financial systems, and project management experts with in-depth knowledge in post-merger integration.  It is vital to maximize the return on investment by integrating assets quickly and eliminating redundancies.

Our specialists start planning well before the deal is done to ensure a transition can come together as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.  The goal is to end up with a single combined entity that is worth far more than the sum of its parts.

To ensure a successful acquisition integration, CFO’s Domain’s experts rely on deep experience to provide help in multiple facets of the deal, including:

Our team members provide our clients with deep industry/sector experience to ensure the best available insights into the deal with appropriate transaction execution to create value and drive success.

CFO’s Domain help to integrate an extensive range of transactions, including :

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