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The entertainment industry has experienced some of the most profound changes in the last few years and is expected to continue to rapidly evolve.  Some of the drivers of these changes include a streaming war between native OTT platforms, consolidation to expand content libraries, the continued decline of physical home entertainment distribution, and the centralization / outsourcing of shared services offshore.

On top of all this, studios still have to manage through changes in accounting guidance and technology evolution.  Many of the larger studios struggle with data governance and the uniformed actioning of data across the enterprise and between sub-component businesses.

In times of change, you need highly skilled, competent, and reliable accounting and finance talent that understand entertainment specific accounting treatment, lexicon, processes, and systems.

Some of the key areas impacting an entertainment studio today that we can help with include:

In addition, we understand that a traditional studio has sub businesses that look and feel like other industries.  For example, licensing product IP to a manufacturer will resemble a consumer products organization.  Running studio facilities where the primary driver of revenue may be stage leasing and tours may feel more akin to real estate or property management.  Home Entertainment distribution supply chains act similarly to inventory related distribution with sku level analysis and reporting.

We understand the studio ecosystem, its’ nuances, and why it is critical to hire talent that has the right experience to serve the appropriate line of business.

Many organizations lack the resources to conduct an adequate search for the technical talent required in the entertainment industry, and more lack the expertise to evaluate candidate qualifications.

CFO’s Domain offers two types of services:

In all instances, our team ofprofessionals carries out a comprehensive search, pre-screens the candidates depending on the client’s criteria and connects your organization to the best candidates for final consideration.

Beyond the resumes, CFO’s Domain evaluates candidates for factors like emotional intelligence, energy level and ability to work both independently and in close collaboration with others – critical considerations for anyone working in the entertainment industry.

Our ability to bring high-quality consultants at a moment’s notice for a pre-determined period can help your organization reduce costs and meet deadlines. Further, hiring an individual with the right work habits and technical skills for a position can save you time and free you up to spend time doing the things that you enjoy.

For Job Seekers

CFO’s Domain holistic approach to talent acquisition ensures an alignment of opportunity with your specific needs. We work on a diverse set of opportunities in the entertainment industry.

CFO’s Domain supports the entertainment and media sector with specialized recruiting and consulting services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Los Angeles Area, New York, Orange County and San Diego markets.

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