Improving the Quality of Lives For Those We Serve

CFO’s Domain was built on the premise that work is just one part of life and we understand that work lives and personal lives co-exist.

As such, our purpose is very simple: to improve the quality of lives for those we serve. We accomplish our purpose by listening intently to what our clients need and what our candidates seek. We then bring those two together.

For our clients, we deliver reliable, experienced and well-aligned talent to reduce their workload and stress so they can focus on higher value activities. We give back their most precious asset of time, to enjoy it with family and friends.

For our consultants and candidates, we offer them purpose, opportunity and career growth, so they can have more to invest back into their professional and personal lives.

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Work Life Harmony

We view the intersection of personal and work lives through a lens of work life harmony. We understand that balance is not what we should be seeking but rather to be present and in the moment.

We believe in planning with priority and making conscious choices through reflection. We believe that health must come first through an active and well-rested body, mind and soul. We believe in mastering our craft so that we can use our scarcest resource of all – time – to its fullest potential.

The foundational values that CFO’s Domain is built on and embraces are as follows:

Health. Without our health, we can do little. That is why our benefits packages go far beyond just medical, dental and vision.

Simplicity. Life is complicated enough as it is. If we can help you simplify your life at work, perhaps some of that will make its way home and into the rest of your life.

Adaptation. Perpetual change is inevitable. We accept that and we embrace it.

Continual Growth. Constant and consistent improvement of our minds, bodies and souls are imperative to us being all that we can be.

Empathy. We seek first to understand and then to be understood. We realize that how we feel impacts what we do and how we do it.

Integrity. Above all, we know that “doing the right thing” is a life “compass” we can always rely on. We recognize that integrity precedes reliability and dependability.

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