Financial Systems Evaluation / Selection / Implementation / Upgrade Support

Implement financial systems that support scale and efficiency with the help of CFO’s Domain. 

Having the right integrated financial suite of tools can be paramount in reducing manual processes, increasing the liquidity of information available to run the business, scalability, and critical to avoiding errors in the numbers.  However, challenges lie with not only selecting the right vendors, but in both the costs and labor required to successfully migrate from onesystem to another.

Early stage and small companies today have an advantage in that they have limited operating history to migrate and are likely moving away from one system.  Large companies that have grown (through acquisition especially) carry a lot of complexity in their back end with a combination of legacy systems semi-integrated through patch work and disparate business processes.

CFO’s Domain can help you navigate these challenges by pairing you with a highly skilled consultant with a history of successfully implementing financial systems within enterprises similar in size to yours.

Financial systems range from industry-specific toall-inclusive packages, to onpremise to SaaS, enterprise systems to highly transaction-specific software. This means organizations have many questions when choosing a solution, during its implementation, and before going live.

Scenarios that tend to lead to financial systems projects are:

We are brought in to help in the following ways:

Our professionals take an agile, yet risk-based approach in that they provide comprehensive documentation, tightly manage stakeholder communication, leverage prior lessons learned from prior engagements, and plan in sprints leaving room for adaptation.

Working with functional consultants from CFO’s Domain allows your organization to:

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